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The Coronavirus crisis is presenting companies with new challenges. Innovative approaches as well as a switch to digital settings are now required. We have found new solutions for our customers and are now offering our successful events online.

Especially during this period of uncertainty and isolation in the home office, it is essential to bring team members together, even if only in a digital setting. It is also important to continue to focus on joint training and education. Our solutions can contribute to a positive state of well-being. They are also incredibly effective tools for improving mental health - a key factor in employee productivity. Our webinars are proactive and help employees reach their full potential on all levels: physical, mental, social, intellectual and spiritual.

Programs for employee well-being have evolved into an opportunity to attract top talents, keep employees happy and productive, and reduce turnover. 



Our psychological well-being strongly influences us. It determines how we think, feel and act. These workshops provide an understanding of the mind and emotions and share easy-to-master techniques to help employees thrive.

mental health

- The right mindset during a pandemic

To counter isolation and loneliness, it is important to offer employees a helping hand. Contact is essential - even if we cannot spend time together in person, digital solutions are becoming more important than ever - within families, among friends, and within teams. Our already successful interactive webinar offers a structured approach to improving self-awareness, focus, and positive mindset, based on integrating the latest advances in neuroscience with timeless principles.

- The importance of sleep for your success:

Sleep plays a critical role in the health and well-being of our lives. Regular, quality sleep is important for brain function, emotional well-being, physical health, daytime performance, success and personal safety. How we feel when we are awake depends in part on what happens while we sleep. When we are asleep, our bodies have time to heal and restore themselves.

- Emotional well-being

Research shows that emotional stress makes you vulnerable to physical illness. We have worked with our mental health experts and our physiologists to provide information, guidance and top tips on how to hit the pause button and take a moment for both your and your family's emotional well-being and mental health.

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To become the best version of ourselves, we need to feel challenged, inspired and supported at the same time. These workshops focus on personal development. The goal is to strengthen employees' skills and thus improve their well-being.


- Science and psychology of goal-setting.

Goal-setting webinar for personal and professional success. The most effective and efficient way to improve your attitude, behavior, and results is to set your priorities, establish a direction, and create an action plan to achieve your new goals.

- Flow & Productivity

In "flow", people have the highest productivity, are fully engaged, stay healthy and are happy. The productivity of people in "flow" increases by up to 250%, according to a McKinsey study. However, most employees spend only 10% of their time in this zone. In this course, we introduce the concept of "flow", to achieve better performance and good health with less effort.

- Physical well-being - increase energy levels

In this webinar, our expert invites participants to think about their personal energy level, energy boosters and energy thieves. He will introduce them to the golden rule of energy management and teach them about the 4 key energy sources needed to systematically build. When we are energized and our batteries are fully charged, we not only feel better, we can also focus better, be more creative, and increase our performance.

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The foods we eat impact our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Nutrition is not only the building block for health, but also for optimal performance. In these workshops we will learn how to nourish our bodies with food so as to live a balanced and happy life.


- Team-cooking event

Team-cooking is a great way to foster collaboration and communication. Interactive webinar on cooking: dozens of great ideas to promote your cooking. Cook together and have fun! Get practical cooking tips from our professional chef.

- Brain Food

Brain food provides us with optimal energy and the right nutrients. Indeed, certain foods can increase and sustainably improve the brain's performance. In this webinar, employees will learn in great detail which foods bring more power into our daily lives and which ones tend to tire us out. Nutrition is not only the building block for health, but also for optimal performance.

- Sleep well, eat well, drink well:        

Together with nutrition, sleep creates the foundation for long-term health and well-being.

A healthy diet can improve sleep quality and duration. And regular, quality sleep can even help you eat better. Employees will learn how to bring healthier habits and organization into their lives in this 60-minute webinar, which will help them naturally increase their energy levels.

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How much we move our bodies directly impacts our health and well-being. Exercise energizes us and activates our brains and muscles. These workshops teach and inspire employees about the benefits of physical activity and exercise in order to achieve optimal health and well-being.

Sport Webinar

- Ergonomics - correct posture

Why do so many employees who work with computers have back pain? They consistently have static postures, spending most of the day hunched over, seated and leaning to one side. Combined with all the other life factors that often plague office workers, such as lack of exercise and stress, regular back pain is quite a logical consequence. First and foremost, getting up and moving more frequently throughout the day will make a big difference. To complement this, we will show employees various helpful exercises. They are designed to reduce tension through mobility as well as strengthen the core to prevent future back pain. We will also have fun together!

- Massage for employees at home

The effect of a 20-minute treatment is essential: a quality at-home rest for body and mind. The American Massage Therapy Association reports that companies using corporate massage have seen increased energy, fewer injuries and a better ability to cope with workloads among their employees.

- Yoga course

Studies have shown that yoga can reduce cortisol production, symptoms of anxiety, and even risk factors for heart disease. In this class we focus on different parts of the body as well as the mind.

We also focus on balance, breathing, and mindfulness to relax the body. Bringing your attention to your senses can lead to rapid relaxation. You can practice whenever it is convenient for you to balance your daily routine. The exercises may seem simple, but if done correctly, they will always be a challenging work-out.

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With our webinars, experience an innovative and straightforward introduction to online employee training so as to improve health conditions in your company!

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Mara Schär
Corporate Wellness Specialist, CEO & Founder Joy Corporate GmbH




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  • Ljubinka H., Administrative Expert Global Drug Development - Novartis Pharma

    „Der Vortrag in Novartis Pharma AG, Basel am 28.08 war beindruckend und hat mir geholfen meine Erfahrungen und Erinnerungen im Bereich des Unterbewusstseins, wieder bewusst bewerten und anwenden zu können."

  • Elaine Skapetis, Front End Engineer, Marketing & Web Platform, Adobe Switzerland

    „Before I met Mara Schär at Joy Corporate I was overwhelmed and in stress regarding our events organization, because is a big challenge to get in touch with the right professionals and have the right connections for each area. Mara helped me to organize a lot of workshops and people had only good feedback: “The best professionals, great method, great organization”. For me work with Joy Corporate is more than just a company business. I see that she is looking to improve and help people, creating a customizing plan for each one. I’m thankful to work with such professionals.“

  • Jeanine Lerice, Executive Assistant to the Board of Oracle Switzerland

    Vielen Dank, ich fand das Webinar sehr interessant und Feedback von den Mitarbeitern, das ich bekommen habe, war durchaus positiv!

  • Susanne Hänni, Communications Switzerland - Novartis International AG

    "Der Vorstand und die Mitglieder des NAV’s (Novartis Angestellten Verband) fanden den Vortrag «Die Psychologie des Überzeugens» lehrreich."

  • Sonja Buric, Human Resources Specialist - Bär & Karrer AG

    Vielen Dank! Hat alles wunderbar funktioniert und ich persönlich fand's auch super.

  • Laura Rheinwald Supervisor CX & Strategic Sourcing, HAYS Recruiting experts worldwide

    Ich fand das Webinar sehr inspirierend und hilfreich. Wir haben insgesamt auch sehr gutes Feedback von Teilnehmern bekommen.

  • Ramon Bißwanger, Senior Consultant Adobe Experience Cloud

    I have been attending a chocolate workshop organized by Joy Corporate together with my 2 kids. All was perfectly organized and the kids enjoyed making their own chocolate, especially putting sprinkles, hearts and other decoration on top of it. They have been talking about the workshop to all other kids in their kindergarden on the next day.

  • Julia Sumpf, Global Marketing Assistent

    "Ich habe bereits schon an mehreren Events und Workshops von Joy Corporate teilgenommen. Besonders gefällt mir an den Events, dass ein gutes Verhältnis zwischen Theorie und Praxis gefunden wird. Anhand vieler Übungen im Team lässt sich das Erlernte anwenden und somit verinnerlichen. Die Workshops sind immer hervorragend organisiert und durchgeführt. Vielen Dank!"

  • Ronald Steiger O&HR, HR Manager LafargeHolcim Holderbank

    "Unsere Mitarbeiter konnten sich mit dem Workshop "Impact of sleep" einen Überblick verschaffen über das wichtige Thema "Schlaf". Sie erhielten wertvolle Tipps, wie sie sich auf einen gesunden und guten Schlaf vorbereiten können und was eher zu vermeiden sei. Insgesamt ein sehr informativer und wertvoller Beitrag."

  • Lionel B., Brand Manager Europe, Colgate-Palmolive

    I attended the 2019 Communication Events with Wladislaw Jachtchenko in business at Adobe. The talented speaker took us in a journey to explore the topics by fully engaging the audience with roll plays or smart questioning. Memorable. Would highly recommend this experience organized by Joy Corporate.

  • Erich Broenimann HR Business Partner - Kistler Instrumente AG

    "Ich möchte mich nochmals für den reibungslosen Ablauf bedanken. Das Feedback der Teilnehmer war bisher nur positiv."

  • Michèle Albrecht Fritschi - Schulverwaltung Sekundarstufe Uster

    "Unser Feedback ist sehr positiv. Der Workshop "Zeitmanagement" hat bei uns einen sehr guten Eindruck hinterlassen und das Eine oder Andere wird auch schon regelmässig angewendet."

  • Peter Z., Egon Zehnder International (Switzerland) Ltd

    The event was great and the speech of Mr. Seidler’s workshop excellent. People were impressed.

  • Kinny Marazza, Architect

    Firstly thank you so much for the organisation of the event... it's amazing! I have really a poor way to communicate. Thanks to these events, my communication is healthier and I do more focusing on my own goal.

  • Ananda Staudenmann, Kauffrau EFZ und WBA-Therapeutin

    „Die Zusammenarbeit mit Mara und ihrem Team ist professionell und kundenfreundlich. Joy Corporate bietet viele Möglichkeiten sich und seinen Mitarbeitenden Gutes zu tun. Eine Empfehlung für alle, die Corporate Wellbeing umsetzen möchten.“

  • Florian Schär, CEO Masterhomepage GmbH, Basel

    „Joy Corporate hat uns von Anfang an überzeugt. Die Mitarbeiter sollen sich bei uns wohlfühlen. Die vielen Möglichkeiten an Workshops und Vorträgen sind beeindruckend. Auch für kleinere Firmen ist der Mehrwert deutlich spürbar.“

  • Marina Riedi, EQ Power, Trainer für Emotionale Intelligenz und Coach PCC ICF

    "Meine Zusammenarbeit mit Mara Schär war äusserst angenehm, als ich im Auftrag von Joy Corporate einen Workshop über Emotionale Intelligenz geben konnte. Mara schenkte mir Ihr Vertrauen und gab mir die Freiheit, das Training nach meiner Regie zu gestallten, was ich sehr schätze. Ich lernte Mara als eine offene, herzige, kreative und zuverlässige Person kennen. Mich beeindruckt auch Ihre Tüchtigkeit Kunden zu gewinnen, die mir und anderen Trainer neue Türen öffnet. Ich würde mit Mara Lascar und Joy Corporate gerne weiter arbeiten."

  • Manuela Steiner, Senior Business Manager, Logistikfirma Bern

    „Eine herzliche Atmosphäre, ein qualitativ sehr gut ausgearbeitetes und präsentiertes Konzept. Selten habe ich erlebt, dass ein Konzept so spannend und spürbar vermittelt und gelebt wird. Die kreative Workshops machen so viel Spass und wir konnten für das erste Mal dieses Jahr richtig abschalten. Nach dem Workshop waren wir alle total entspannt und motiviert. Und jetzt möchten meine Kollegen privat ähnliche Kurse buchen.“

  • Meyrin E., Team Coordinator, Finanzdienstleistungsfirma Lausanne

    „Our people had an inspiring day discovering creative and hidden skills! It really helped us focus on what were the key values we wanted to bring to our new team which we uncovered in a very creative way through brainstorming, drawing and painting. Would highly recommend this experience to any corporate group who wish to get to know each other better, develop values to work by and get colourful for the day! Joy Corporate delivered their services with high standards and integrity.“

  • Tobias Schmidt, Business Development, HR Firma Zürich

    „We worked together with Joy Corporate to roll out a stress management program for our staff. This included massage sessions, mindfulness, yoga and stress management workshops. The feedback from staff was extremely positive and we look forward to working with JC again in the future.“

  • Heleonore L., Senior Recruitment, IT Firma Zug

    „Am Anfang waren wir etwas skeptisch, aber es war ein absolut gelungener Kommunikationsworkshop in sehr angenehmer Atmosphäre. Wir haben viele Stunden gearbeitet und uns auseinandergesetzt, aber wir haben viel gelacht, und einfach Spass gehabt“

    Mission & Values

    "Our goal is to make people happier and more productive. We rely on innovation, integrity and tested quality. This includes carefully selecting our partners! We work with a highly qualified team of experts. In everything we do, our customers are the focus."

    Mara Schär, CEO&Founder Joy Corporate GmbH, Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist®


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